Trennel prides itself on staying ahead of market trends, to meet consumer needs. We strive to be the first to market with a broad line of competitively priced and innovative products. We believe this strategy is one of our most important growth drivers.

In August 2019, Trennel expanded its product segment from houseswares to include health and wellness products; and now have two brands currently selling in the United States: SiliconeZone, and Redbit.

In March of this year, Trennel joined the fight against the Global Covid-19 Pandemic. We converted a portion of our manufacturing capabilities to mass produce Personal Protective Gear (PPE) for use by people around the globe.

We began distribution in China and Europe, and once the United States became enveloped in the pandemic, we increased our manufacturing capabilities to produce up to 10MM pieces per day to reach the US market.

Our Products

Our Goal

To alleviate any shortages that may arise during times of high demand,

To provide the General Public with high quality PPE that helps them feel protected and comfortable.